Wood Carving Books & Tools

Below are some tools and books which I have made available.

txtbk-cover.jpg The Textbook For Carving Letters
Second Edition
By Terry R. Wolff

A Woodcarving Instruction Book.
      Although the subject of this book is carving incised letters, the technique taught here is also ideal for those just getting started with this art. Ideal for both the beginner and experienced carver as well. You will learn how to carve using the one knife method. 
      What you will learn from this book is not just letter carving but an easy way to carve whatever direction your carving interest take you.  This technique I am sharing in this book is just an easy way I have found to get your carving skills up and running without having to do a lot of thinking about what you are doing. 
      The principle I am employing here are much like going back to those early days when your teacher made you make those pencil lines between the printed lines on the paper.  Once you had mastered each assignment your teacher had you start printing letters and from there you were doing script.  Finally you may have taken up drawing or calligraphy and then perhaps sculpture.  So you see, you started with simple straight lines and graduated from there.  This is the same thing I have you doing in this book.

Wolff Publishing Works
Taos, New Mexico
ISBN 0-9669299-4-2
Size: 8.50" by 11"
June 1999


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Welcome Sign Blank

This carving blank is the same as pictured on the cover of the textbook.  Just layout your design and you are ready to start carving.  Welcome signs make great gifts and is a great way to master your carving techniques no matter what you want to be carving.



Welcome Sign Layout

If you don't want to layout the welcome sign, you can opt to use this full size paper layout.



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